mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

La decisione della Corte sul Hijâb di Nasrin Sotoudeh

Martedi 19 aprile 2011

Change for Equality- dopo le tre commissioni d’inchiesta circa l’accusa rivolta a Nasrin Sotoudeh di essersi presentata senza il hijâb, la ventiseiesima sessione del Tribunale della Rivoluzione l’ha riconosciuta colpevole.

In base al verdetto emanato è stata condannata al pagamento di 500,000 rials (circa 40 euro); in questa comunicazione, inviata dal Tribunale, è implicita la possibilità di fare ricorso. La condanna di “comparire senza il velo islamico” è riferita alla sua apparizione in un video da lei stessa inviato all’organizzazione Human Rights di Bolzano nel 2008, in occasione della cerimonia di premiazione a cui non ha potuto partecipare personalmene a causa del divieto di espatrio.

Precedentemente, in alcune notizie, si è parlato, erroneamente, di 5 degli 11 anni di reclusione alla quale Nasrin Sotoudeh è stata condannata con l’accusa di “comparire senza il velo islamico”, ma in realtà tale condanna non era stata ancora comunicata.

راي دادگاه حجاب نسرين ستوده اعلام شد

راي دادگاه حجاب نسرين ستوده اعلام شد
فروردین ۱۳۹۰

تغییر برای برابری - به دنبال تشكيل سه جلسه دادگاه برای نسرین ستوده به اتهام تظاهر به بی حجابی سرانجام شعبه 26 دادگاه انقلاب راي به محكوميت نسرين ستوده داد و او را مجرم شناخت.

بر اساس حکم صادر شده وي به پرداخت جمعا 500000 ريال معادل پنجاه هزار تومان محكوم شده است كه براساس اعلاميه ارسالي از طرف دادگاه قابل اعتراض است.

اتهام تظاهر به بی حجابی به دلیل عدم رعایت حجاب رسمی نسرین ستوده در پیام ویدئویی او اعلام شد. نسرین ستوده به دلیل ممنوع الخروجی نتوانسته بود در مراسم اهدای جایزه حقوق بشر ایتالیا حاضر شود و به همین دلیل پیام ویدئوی اش را برای پخش در مراسم ارسال کرده بود.

پيش از اين در برخی خبرها به اشتباه پنج سال از 11 سال حکم زندان برای نسرین ستوده را به اتهام اخیر او در مورد بی حجابی نسبت داده بودند در حالی كه اساسا حکم آن اعلام نشده بود.

lunedì 18 aprile 2011

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Letter to Her Daughter Mehraveh: Your Strength was no Less than Mine Saturday 16 April 2011 Change for Equality: While the U.S. PEN Association announced that they will be awarding Nasrin Sotoudeh their American PEN Award for 2011 for her work in defending human rights and freedom of expression, Sotoudeh herself was busy writing a letter to her 11 year old daughter Mehraveh from Evin prison. The content of Sotoudeh’s letter to her daughter is as follows: To my dearest Mehraveh, my daughter, my pride and joy, I greet you from Evin’s ward 209 and hope that you are doing well. I come to you without concerns, sadness and tears and instead greet you with a heart filled with love and best wishes for you and your beloved brother. It has been six months since I was taken away from you my beloved children. Throughout these six months we were only allowed to see each other a few times and even then in the presence of security agents. During this time I was never allowed to write to you, to receive a picture, or even meet with you freely without any security restrictions. My dear Mehraveh, you more than anyone understand the sorrow in my heart and the conditions under which we were allowed to meet. Each time, after each visit and every single day, I struggle with the notion of whether or not I have taken into consideration and respected my own children’s rights. More than anything I needed to be sure that you my beloved daughter whose wisdom I very much believe in, did not accuse me of violating my own children’s rights. My dearest Mehraveh, I began reflecting upon your rights and that of your brother from the very first day I was arrested. Because of your age, I worried more about you. I worried about your ability to endure, your judgment of the situation, your morale and most importantly I worried about the effect it [my arrest and incarceration] would have on your interactions with your peers at school. It wasn’t long however, before all my doubts and concerns were put to rest and I knew that I, better said we, were able to stand firm and true to our convictions. Your strength and endurance was no less than mine. I once told you: "My daughter I hope you never think that I was not thinking of you or that it was my actions that deserved such punishment". I later continued with confidence: "Everything I have done is legal and within the framework of the law." It was then that you lovingly caressed my face with your small hands and replied: "I know mommy.... I know...." It was on that day, because of the confident manner in which you spoke, that I was freed of the nightmare of being judged by my own daughter. My dearest daughter, my concerns regarding your interactions with your peers at school were also completely unfounded, for the young generation is always more intellectually mature and wiser than the generation preceding it. ... and so I was able to rid myself of all concerns and stand strong and firm. I owe this strength to you and your father. My dearest Mehraveh, allow me to share with you some of our fonder memories. When night falls, while I lay in prison, I often think about how I used to put you to sleep. Of all the lullabies and songs I sang for you in bed, you were most fond of the one called "Fairies". Every night as you fell asleep, you’d ask me to recite it to you and I would gladly begin with... Once upon a time, Three fairies sat bare naked as dusk approached.... My dearest daughter, you were my main motivation for pursuing children’s rights. I thought then and still believe that all my efforts in the area of children’s rights will benefit no one more than my own children. Every time I came home from court, after having defended an abused child, I would hold you and your brother in my arms, finding it hard to let go of your embrace. To this day, I don’t understand why... perhaps by holding you closely in my arms I wanted to compensate for the pain of the victims of child abuse. I recall you telling me once that you don’t wish to be 18 years old. When I inquired as to why you responded that you’d hate to be denied the benefits of childhood and that of being a child. You cannot imagine how happy your response made me. I can’t recall how many times you reminded your father and I that you are still a child, that you are not 18 yet and that we should respect your childhood and your rights as a child.... You demanded that we respect your rights as a child and I am so glad you did, for at times neglect can lead us to disregard another persons rights, even if the other individual happens to be our own child. Through the eyes and the words of a child you reminded us adults who saw ourselves as your protector of the importance of having respect for the rights of others, demanding ones rights, justice, a legal framework, equality and other such important matters. My dearest Mehraveh, just like I was never able to disregard your rights and always sought to protect them to my fullest capacity, I was also never able to disregard the rights of my clients. How could I abandon the scene as soon as I was summoned [by the ruling government], knowing that my clients were behind bars? How could I abandon them when they had hired me as their legal council and were awaiting their trial? Never... I could never do such a thing.... In closing I want to tell you once again that it was my desire to protect the rights of many, particularly the rights of my children and your future that led me to represent such cases in court. I believe that the pain that our family and the families of my clients have had to endure over the past few years is not in vain. Justice arrives exactly at a time when most have given up hope. It arrives when we least expect it. I am certain of it. My only wish for you is a childhood full of happiness and joy. If you are upset with the interrogators and judges as a result of the case against me, bestow peace and tranquility upon them with your childlike melody so that as a result we too can achieve much deserved tranquility and peace of mind. I miss you my dearest and send you one hundred kisses, Maman Nasrin [your mother Nasrin] Original letter in Farsi

martedì 5 aprile 2011

افتتاح نمایشگاه عکسهای کمپین یک میلیون امضا و مادران پارک لاله در اطاق های خاطره انستیتوی تاریخ مقاومت شهر سی ینا

افتتاح نمایشگاه عکسهای کمپین یک میلیون امضا و مادران پارک لاله در اطاق های خاطره انستیتوی تاریخ مقاومت شهر سی ینا

تغییر برای برابری: امسال بمناسبت ۸ مارس روز زن ،در شهر سی ینا برنامه های مختلف برای زنان از اول مارس تا ۸ آوریل با نام "در این دنیای کر اینقدر ادامه می دهیم تا شنیده شویم" تدارک دیده شده است.

افتتاح نمایشگاهی در حمایت از زنان مقاوم ایران با نام واقعیت مرا دریاب . حقوق زنان و بنیاد گرایی ها با عکس های گویایی از زنان ایران در اطاقهای خاطره انستیتو تاریخ مقاومت شهر سی ینا جایی که یک روز مقر فاشیست ها و محل شکنجه مردم بدست فاشیستها بوده و امروز محل نمایشگاه دایمی فاشیسم سی ینا می باشد، هم یکی از این برنامه هاست، حمایت از زنانی که هر روز بطریق فیزیکی و یا روحی بخاطر قوانین شدیدا تبعیض آمیز تحت ستم هستند و بخاطر درخواست تغییر قوانین نابرابر حتی جان خود را به خطر می اندازند . موضوع عکس ها فعالیتهای کمپین یک میلیون امضا برای تغییر قوانین تبغیض آمیز و مادران عزادار(مادران پارک لاله ) است.

در روز نخست نمایشگاه کنفرانسی با نام حمایت از حقوق زنان در سیستمهای توتالیته با سخنرانی سیمونتا پلگرینی مسؤول کمیسون فرصتهای برابر استان سی ینا بر گزار شد. ایشان با صحبت از قیام های این روزهای کشورهای شمال افریقا و خاور میانه نگرانی خود را از وضعیت زنان این منطقه ابراز داشت وحمایت خود را از مبارزات صلح آمیز زنان ایران و زنان منطقه برای برابری و دموکراسی اعلام نمود و افزود که اینگونه برنامه ها در حمایت از زنان همچنان در شهر سی ینا ادامه خواهد داشت لیلا کرمی فارغ التحصیل دکترای تاریخ اسلام دانشگاه ساپینزا رم، از تاریخچه مقاومت و مبارزه زنان ایران از واقعه تنباکو تا کمپین یک میلیون امضا سخن گفت ، دبورا پیچی نماینده گروه
که از زنان افغان حمایت می کنند فجایع زندگی روزمره زنان افغان را باز گو کرد

صبری نجفی از فعالان کمپین یک میلیون امضا و از حامیان مادران عزادار ضمن تشکر از حمایت برگزارکنندگان از مبارزات مسالمت آمیز زنان ایران تقاضاو تاکید نمود که حمایت از زنان تحت ستم دیگر کشورهای شمال افریقا و خاورمیانه که تلاششان دو برابر مردان است را فراموش نکنند زیرا که این زنان نه تنها بدنبال دموکراسی و آزادی برای کشورشان هستند بلکه در پی آنند که ناگهان آن آزادی های بدست آورده را از دست ندهند و همچنین بدنبال رسیدن به برابری و رسیدن به دیگر حقوق بدست نیاورده شان هستند که آن جز با همکاری و همیاری همه زنان آزاده دنیا میسر نمیشود.

این نمایشگاه عکس تا اخر اکتبر۲۰۱۱
ادامه خواهد داشت و بعد از ان در برنامه های دیگر با همکاری فعالان کمپین در شهرهای مختلف ایتالیا برای معرفی بیشتر کمپین و مادران پارک لاله به نمایش گذاشته خواهد شد.